Welcome to Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church

Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church is a Christian community
in the heart of the California Delta, striving to follow Jesus and show his love
in all we do.

One Life, Given for All - Good Friday Service

Please join us for a special Good Friday Service, April 18th at 7pm
This will be a meditative service, in which we will hear the Good Friday story and take time to contemplate the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. Come and remember with us the pain and abandonment of Good Friday, and the joy and splendor of Easter will be that much more vivid for you this year. As fits the occasion, we will enter and depart from worship in silence.

We gather for worship this Easter Sunday, April 20th at 9:30 am to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and to contemplate what that means for us and for all creation.  After the service there will be a special Easter Brunch in Koinonia Hall.  Scripture passages for this week are Psalm 98,
Matthew 28:1-10 and Colossians 3:1-4.  In light of the conquest of death made possible by the resurrection, the theme for worship is how we put the reality of new life in Christ to work in our lives.  The sermon title is "See the Things That Are Above".  We look forward to seeing you for worship.

**Lenten Devotional Book is Here**
You can still come by and pick up your copy of our church's very own Lenten Devotional book or use the link provided below to access 20 unique passages, each submitted by church members, on a wide range of spiritual subjects.  The readings are keyed to the six Sundays of Lent and they will help shape our worship each week during the season.  As you read and reflect on the ways God is stirring the hearts of your friends in church, you will find this book to be a valuable resource tool in your own Lenten walk.

                    Lenten Devotional      Lenten_Devotional_2014.pdf
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Our Church Covenant

"We the congregation, by covenant, promise:
   To provide a Christian community that encourages each person to find and follow Jesus Christ, the Lord of Life.   
To provide a Christian community that expresses love and compassion for the people of our congregation and the greater community, creating a prayerful atmosphere that is open and accepting, forgiving and supportive.
To provide a Christian community that is inclusive of all who want to learn about and live a Christian life."

Pastor:  Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips

Office Coordinator:  Joan Hansen
Phone: 916-776-1106
Address: 14120 Grand Ave.,
PO Box 93
Walnut Grove, CA, 95690

Office Hrs: Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 12 Noon

Church eMail: wgcpc@frontier.com

Church Website:  Tracy Lawson,  tntalso0029@gmail.com
Assistant:  Larry Horn,  larryhorn@citlink.net
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