Welcome to Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church

 Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church is a Christian community in the heart of the California Delta, striving to follow Jesus and show his love in all we do.

All are welcome.  Services are every Sunday at 9:30am.

The Season of Lent is upon us! 
Throughout the Lenten season we will have a series of sermons taking a day-by-day look at the events of the last week of Jesus' life, as told in the Gospel of Mark. The series will continue until Easter Sunday, April 5th. 
You are always welcome at worship, so come join us!


Lots of things are happening in the coming weeks here at Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church.  Please check out the "Church News" link to find out details about events, happenings and meetings.  Get involved.  We need your participation.

  Our Church Covenant
"We the congregation, by covenant, promise:
To provide a Christian community that encourages each person to find and follow Jesus Christ, the Lord of Life.   
To provide a Christian community that expresses love and compassion for the people of our congregation and the greater community, creating a prayerful atmosphere that is open and accepting, forgiving and supportive.
To provide a Christian community that is inclusive of all who want to learn about and live a Christian life."

Pastor:  Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips

Office Coordinator:  Joan Hansen
Phone: 916-776-1106
Address: 14120 Grand Ave.,
PO Box 93
Walnut Grove, CA, 95690
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  9am - 12 Noon

Church eMail: wgcpc@frontier.com 

Visit us on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/WGCPC