Welcome to Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church

   Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church is a Christian community in the heart of the California Delta, striving to follow Jesus and show his love in all we do.

Services are every Sunday at 9:30am. 
 We look forward to seeing you for worship.

This Sunday, October 26th, we are delighted to once again welcome Rev. Jean Shaw to our pulpit.  She is an extraordinary preacher and a much-loved leader of mission trips in our Presbytery.  Come experience a glimpse of the new church....an active place for people of all ages working side by side on issues pressing importance in our world.  All are welcome!

  Our Church Covenant
"We the congregation, by covenant, promise:
To provide a Christian community that encourages each person to find and follow Jesus Christ, the Lord of Life.   
To provide a Christian community that expresses love and compassion for the people of our congregation and the greater community, creating a prayerful atmosphere that is open and accepting, forgiving and supportive.
To provide a Christian community that is inclusive of all who want to learn about and live a Christian life."

Pastor:  Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips

Office Coordinator:  Joan Hansen
Phone: 916-776-1106
Address: 14120 Grand Ave.,
PO Box 93
Walnut Grove, CA, 95690
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  9am - 12 Noon

Church eMail: wgcpc@frontier.com 

Visit us on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/WGCPC