Welcome to Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church

 Walnut Grove Community Presbyterian Church is a Christian community in the heart of the California Delta, striving to follow Jesus and show his love in all we do.

All are welcome.  Services are every Sunday at 9:30am.


We gather twice for worship this coming Sunday (December 21st), the 4th Sunday of Advent. 
Please join us!

 9:30 am Worship:  Lighting of the candles of hope, peace, joy and love and a continuation of the nativity story.
7:30 pm Christmas Candlelight Service:
Features the choir, led by Debbie Phulps, meaningful Christmas music and beautiful candlelight.


Our Church Covenant
"We the congregation, by covenant, promise:
To provide a Christian community that encourages each person to find and follow Jesus Christ, the Lord of Life.   
To provide a Christian community that expresses love and compassion for the people of our congregation and the greater community, creating a prayerful atmosphere that is open and accepting, forgiving and supportive.
To provide a Christian community that is inclusive of all who want to learn about and live a Christian life."

Pastor:  Dr. Jason Eberhart-Phillips

Office Coordinator:  Joan Hansen
Phone: 916-776-1106
Address: 14120 Grand Ave.,
PO Box 93
Walnut Grove, CA, 95690
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday  9am - 12 Noon

Church eMail: wgcpc@frontier.com 

Visit us on Facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/WGCPC